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The HIMOER fully assembled electromechanical mounting system is based in China. For more than ten years, we have provided products and services to a number of international building materials suppliers, and have grown up with international high-end brands and accumulated rich business experience. Our R&D team has developed a variety of innovative product systems that are suitable for a wide range of operating conditions and strive to maximize product functionality. We select the most suitable raw materials according to the most stringent international building codes to manufacture each product, and the mature technical team fully coordinates your choice of the best system solution. HIMOER has an in-house R&D team and laboratory, ready to conduct on-site testing and testing in strict accordance with the quality requirements of HIMOER to ensure product consistency. Our high-quality products are distributed to 300 customers around the world, and strive to maximize product functions for the world. For the construction and installation industry and related maintenance industry, HIMOER is your reliable partner.

Since its inception, the “HIMOER” brand has taken on the responsibility of leading the national brand and going global. After 10 years of rapid development, HIMOER products have grown into well-known domestic brands. Our products have been used in various industries such as hydropower stations, subways, large irons, industrial plants, and large commercial buildings. HIMOER has established a complete product quality system for production, quality management and product certification, and has established long-term strategic partnerships with well-known companies such as Unisrut, ABB (Thomas & Betts) and Eaton.


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