Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone Underground Comprehensive Pipeline Trunk Line Project

The PPP project of the underground comprehensive pipe trunk line (Phase I) of Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone is divided into two sub-items, namely the Greenway and Pipeline Project of Huandao Road, the Power Pipeline and the Municipalization Reconstruction Project of the South Section of the West Road, among which the project Designed 13 types of integrated pipe gallery, with a total length of 30.055 km (including 3.128 km of rainwater tank culvert), and included pipes for power, communication, water supply, water, gas, local rainwater, sewage, etc., slow-track bridges and pedestrian bridges. 18 seats. The total investment of the project is 3.818 billion yuan, the construction period of the pipe gallery project is 14 months, the construction period of the road project is 3 years, and the operation period is 25 years.

Our company undertakes the supply of pre-buried channels and support systems for the power pipe gallery in the southern section of the West Pass Road to ensure the smooth installation of the project.