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Anti-seismic bracket acceptance GB GB

Editor:浙江海迈材料科技有限公司 │ Release Time:2018-11-22 

At present, I have passed the earthquake-resistant bracket industry, and I am still in the initial stage. Many relevant GB national standards have not been perfected.

According to the national standard “Building Seismic Design Code” GB50011-2010, Article 13.4.3 and “Building Electromechanical Engineering Seismic Design Specification” GB.003.1-2014, Section 3.1.3 are mandatory provisions, and stipulates: seismic fortification intensity is 6 Construction and electromechanical engineering facilities in areas above 6 degrees must be designed for seismic design. Anti-smoke ducts, accident ventilation ducts and related equipment should be equipped with anti-seismic hangers. The common antennas on the roof of buildings should be prevented. Safety precautions for falling and injuring people after damage to equipment or components caused by an earthquake. Conduct a comprehensive analysis and determine the deepening of the seismic support.

The electromechanical anti-seismic bracket system for construction in China has been covered from blank to comprehensive coverage, and since August 2015, it has been mandatory to design, install and accept the construction machinery and electrical field nationwide. This will also provide a broad market environment for the related industries involved in anti-seismic mechanical and electrical products in China. In China, the earthquake-proof and earthquake-resistant buildings and their ancillary structures are urgently needed, and it is necessary to quickly improve the understanding of the electromechanical seismic design of buildings. It will bring about 100 billion annual market capacity to this industry, and the corresponding acceptance GB national standard will also be introduced.